I've always had a passion for watches. Time has been essential throughout my career designing automotive parts, whether that meant meeting deadlines or testing components for durability and wear, etc. 

Watch making has evolved from a hobby to a lifestyle for me, providing the avenue to apply engineering principles to create unique timepieces to last for generations.

The namesake of this company is my son, William. Parenting a child with autism has presented challenges but his personality has always shone through. He is funny, smart, honest, artistic, and one of the kindest, finest gentlemen I have ever met. His intelligence and reasoning is endlessly interesting and I wanted to bring those characteristics to watch making. William has an amazing memory and his fact-checking ability is second to none. 

Timepieces can also share those qualities--the ability to keep us honest, as markers of special events, and as reminders that as time marches on, to appreciate every elegant moment.

Watches are very personal. They are an extension of the style, warmth, pride and personality of the wearer. I look forward to providing you with a timepiece as unique as you are. 

Best, Michael.